WELLAN 2000®

30 years Biosignal Key Technology made in Germany

against lime, corrosion, biofilm, bacteria
- without electricity – without chemicals – without magnets - absolutely maintenance-free -
5-10 years guarantee on materials, function and effectiveness

  • Circulating water treatment


    What is the role of circulating water treatment?

  • The hazards of scale


    This edition to list some of the harm caused by scale.

  • How WELLAN 2000® series water treatment equipment works


    WELLAN 2000® series water treatment equipment refers to the use of various physical and chemical means to remove some harmful substances in water that are not necessary for production and life, and to do a filtration and purification treatment of water, so that it meets certain standards of use and then reuse the equipment. This article will introduce you to the working principle of water treatment equipment.

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